ClubFEM® US and International Chapters

ClubFEM® has grown to be a large organization with chapters around the world.

Founded In 2005 ClubFEM® International and the Houston home branch began a group to provide outreach for the Head Mistresses who run ClubFEM®s throughout the world, in order to foster communication and a sense of unity among the chapters. 

For information about starting a ClubFEM® group in your area, contact the International Head Mistress:

Ms Ella Strictland:    

ClubFEM® United States Chapters

Alabama: Mobile
Email: Head Mistress Amirah:

Arizona: Phoenix (On Hiatus)
Head Mistress Madam Rubicon

California: Los Angeles
Head Mistress Goddess Pepper

California: San Diego
Head Mistress Jacqueline DuMonde

Email: Head Mistress Zann:

Florida: Northeast/Jacksonville: Currently on Hiatus
Head Mistress Dee
Email: slave gene at

Florida: Southeast/West Palm Beach
Head Mistress Lady Pamela:

Florida: Key West
Email: Head Mistress Lady S.:

Illinois: Chicago
Email: Head Mistress Simone:

Indiana: Indianapolis
Email: Head Mistress Lisa:

Email: Head Mistress Lady LJ:

Email: Head Mistress Lady J:

Missouri: St.Louis
Head Mistress Destiny:

Nevada: Las Vegas
Email: Head Mistress Kaila:

New York: New York City 
Email: Head Mistress Buffy:

New Jersey
Email: Head Mistress Katlixx:

Ohio: Cincinnati
Head Mistress Devlynn De

Ohio: Columbus
Head Mistress Amy:

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City
Email: Head Mistress Madame M:

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
Email: Head Mistress Kye:

Texas: Austin
Email Head Mistress Lady Jean:

Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth
Email: Head Mistrress Navia:

Texas: Houston Chapter and ClubFEM® International Headquarters
Email: slave secretary:
To contact International Head Mistress Ella:

Email: Head Mistress Mitzi:

West Virginia: Currently on Hiatus
Email Head Mistress M :

ClubFEM® International Chapters

Australia: Australian Capital Territory
Email: Head Mistress Jacquie:

Australia: New South Wales
Email: Head Mistress Black Rose:

Australia: Western Australia
Email: Head Mistress MissTempTed:

United Kingdom: Kent
Email: Head Mistress Mz. Whipplash: