The ClubFEM® male Chastity Device
We are currently out of stock and will make available again.  You many write to, or check back.

�You may also wish to view the MCD Instructions

�The M. C. D. (Male Chastity Device) is an all-plastic device which was developed to insure total control by the Mistress/Domme over Her male slave's sexual activities. The device is offered through ClubFEM® for (to be determined), which includes postage and handling.

Five locking strips are included with the M. C. D. and more are be available in lots of 5. We recommend the standard electrical tie-wrap (which you can get at any hardware store) be used to test the device and learn how to properly use it.

This is the M. C. D. and the 5 securing strips which come with it. These strips are special electrical tie-wraps with a tab on them which the Mistress can write Her name and date on to insure the slave won't cut the strip off.

If the wearer cuts the strip off, the Mistress/Owner knows immediately since it's Her signature on the tab.�

This is the M.C.D. being fitted on the phallus. A Mistress simply wraps the sturdy flexible plastic device around the slave's base

This is the M.C.D. wrapped around the phallus. A mark is made where the M.C.D. fits snuggly in the flaccid (soft) condition. With the M.C.D. then taken off the locking strip is then put through the appropriate slots. This is what the M.C.D. looks like when it's on. Note the signed tab with the Mistress's name ("Mistress" in this case) and date. If the wearer cuts the strip off, the Mistress/Owner knows immediately since it's Her signature on the tab.

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The points on the device should not be sharp enough to puncture in most cases but may given the right circumstances, they can be dulled with a simple filing of the teeth to the desired length and sharpness.

Ordering Information

The price for one MCD is (to be determined) including shipping and handling worldwide.

Payment can be made with a money order, cashiers check (no personal checks), or cash. We have taken cash orders for over 6 years now and have never lost an order. Please make the money order or cashier's check out to CF Distributing. If sending cash, please place it inside a "security" envelope so the contents cannot be seen from outside the envelope. Your MCD will be sent to you in a plain, unmarked mailing package. Mail your order and payment to:

(Info to be announced)

Payment through PayPal is also available . Please contact (info comming soon) to get the correct PayPal address to use when placing your order.

If you send your email address with your order, we will contact you when your payment arrives and also let you know when it has been mailed. Orders are usually shipped within a day or two of receiving payment.



"ClubFEM® has 'concocted' a rather nifty male chastity device I currently am using it on one of My painslut subs to GREAT effect *wicked smile*.. The price of which is $40.00. If any of You should wish to order it. I must say that I am already VERY pleased with it and would be quite happy to share My slave's thoughts on how he feels wearing it. It's made of a durable plastic which means that washing is not a problem. Also, it has 'teeth' which press into the penis when erect. A rather vicious circle for a painpup *chuckle*"

Ms Anthea


I 'think' mike is satisfied with the MCD, but I KNOW I am VERY satisfied with it. :-)

It is 'just what the doctor ordered' Thanks so much

Ms Nancy

I am wearing an MCD which justarrived yesterday. This device is similar to the KTB, but made of plastic. I don't think I could remove it without major pain, and I'm sure I could not get it back on. This is my first experience with a device of this sort. With the CB2000, I could still get pleasure from being teased. With the MCD, this is the first time I have actually pleased with My Lady *not* to tease me! It is a major mind-fuck.

We are going to a wedding out of town, so I will be wearing it until we get back on Tuesday. I think I will be quite willing to do anything that is asked of me at that point to get some freedom from the MCD, let alone even thinking about having a orgasm

Just thought i would drop a line. i am a sub cuckold slave hubby to Countess B. i also wear an MCD. We too find it very useful for punishment as well as for everyday wear. i leave each morning with it on and am allowed out only on weekends Countess is now punishing me for talking back to her and i must wear it for a month. With the morning hard-on it is quite painful.

As a side note we have met the wonderful designers of the MCD and they
are wonderfully delightful people.

slave g