slave Contract


This is a binding contract in which i, __________ (hereafter referred to as the slave) agree to be the slave and property of Club FEM Texas. The holder of this contract shall be Club FEM Texas Headmistress Dee. The Mistresses of Club FEM have all rights as They see fit, and Club FEM Texas Headmistress Dee is the sole person with the right to either modify or cancel this contract. i, the slave, acknowledge that i do not have the right to cancel or modify this contract.

i, __________, hereby offer the Mistresses of Club FEM the submission of my person and myself into Their superior will and guidance. Through this contract, i accept to be trained, dominated, guided and punished by the Mistresses of Club FEM as they think or feel it necessary for one year ending on _______________. My slavery may be renewed at the discretion of Mistress Dee and the concurrence of the majority of Club FEM Texas Mistresses.

i agree that during this period i will be under the complete control of the Mistresses of Club FEM except for the points mentioned in the section "limitations." i, _______, will wear any objects which the Mistresses of Club FEM wish me to wear being they, marks of ownership, restrictive or intrusive objects including clothing.

i, __________, will demonstrate the desire to prove to the Mistresses that virtues are a significant part of our relationship. Therefore, i offer that fundamental to my slavery will be the practice of the virtues of trust, honesty, openness, loyalty, obedience and respect. Without the practice of these virtues in a relationship with the Mistresses, there can be no true slavery. Their practice, therefore, is given at all times. Proof of obedience might be required through photos, written word or inspections. Disobedience or failure will result in punishment as seen to be appropriate by the Mistresses.

i long to give the Mistresses of Club FEM physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual pleasure through offering to Them my submission to Their superior will. i beg to be trained to the above in any way They deem appropriate and to transform myself from a disoriented and unworthy male into a humble and eager slave, if i can ever be worthy of Their time and attention. i recognize that the Mistresses of Club FEM are the objects of my obedience and worship. This agreement binds me as a slave to the Mistresses of Club FEM and is dedicated to the accomplishment of our goals. This relationship will in no way prohibit the maintenance or development of relationships with others, except that for the duration of my slavery i will make the attainment of the goals herein described my first priority and the conduct of my slavery, in light of these goals, will take precedence. All platonic relationships i might enter into will be disclosed to the Mistresses of Club FEM. By offering this agreement to the Mistresses, i give Them the authority to transfer the duties, rights, and obligations of this agreement to any person at any time for the duration of this agreement. Those persons to whom You transfer these rights shall hold the rights of this agreement in Your place and will receive the same respect, service and obedience as due the Mistresses of Club FEM.


There are two limitations on the power of the Mistresses. The first is that physical punishment whether self-administered or administered by Them or an appointee cannot cause permanent physical harm; and two, the Mistresses will not interfere in my professional life in a way which can cause damage to my career. These points can be modified only on mutual agreement.

Signed and dated this _____ day of __________.

Mistress Dee, Headmistress of Club FEM
Mistress of ClubFEM
Mistress of ClubFEM



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